Passion led you to practice. 
Now you want to realize vision.

VB STRAT is a catalyst for realizing creative vision.  I work in partnership with designers to advance client and communications strategies. By synthesizing personal truths with development trends and marketing strategies, together, we amplify passion, building influence and practice. 

Engagements are always inventive.  Always collaborative.

I am not an original thinker. 
I synthesize. — David Bowie


Who are you now?

An intimate knowing of a firm is essential. We begin here with many sessions articulating past, present, and future aspirations, paying specific care to personal convictions and approach to practice. These narratives are then superimposed over external considerations (geography, policies, development trends, and competitors) to create a studio portrait.


Don’t play what’s there, play what isn’t there. — Miles Davis

Voicing identity, conveying both expertise and ethos, is a formidable effort. It’s intensely personal and takes time to craft in a manner that feels both authentic and unapologetic. It requires reflection, revision, and practice. Voice is transformative. It wins commissions. It also frames the desired impact of one’s life work.


Building influence, laterally and vertically.

Designers must connect with clients in all walks of life: cultural influencers, government officials, businessmen and women, fellow designers, academics, developers, and artists. Don’t under estimate how decisions are made. Who is the confidante of a board member, a council person, a client?


Get loud

Presenting point of view is necessary. Once voice has been favorably received externally, deploying specialty communications that pop, above traditional marketing collateral, goes far in advancing a brand’s aspirations. Voice can ‘mind the gap’ between portfolio and desire.


Nature or nurture? Both.

Culture, in all its facets, is a learned behavior. Be it leadership, communications, management, or design excellence, advancement of natural skill sets are critical. Emerging leaders must learn how to cultivate new roles and responsibilities to better represent a firm (proposal writing, interview prep, client relations, narrative structure).