Phil Roeder

Urban Art Projects


Louis Kahn once wrote, ‘Art, the first word.’ UAP's founders Dan and Matt Tobin embody such primacy. Their advocacy for artistic expression in the public realm is unyielding. They founded Urban Art Projects with their father Adrian, committed to realizing site-specific artwork. Art elicits imagination, elevates quality of place, and inspires creativity.  

My role
Staff Position


The efforts Dan, Matt, and I accomplished during my four year tenure were monumental. We expanded offshore; we undertook a complete rebranding effort; and secured a fundamentally, game changing commission, KAUST.  Today, UAP has studios and workshops in Brisbane, Shanghai, and New York City and collaborates with prominent contemporary artists and design professionals.  Their evolution to being international began with the clarification to messaging and client introductions I made as I marketed their capabilities to creatives worldwide.