Sahar Coston-Hardy



Fluidity President Jim Garland's love, study, and command of water is insatiable.  He and all of his studio are masterful in conceiving imaginative water features that celebrate place and community. Their fountains render enduring landscape and architectural environments. Mythology, psychology, art, architecture, urbanism, and historical precedent inform the studio's inventiveness.

My role
Staff Position + Consultant


I have worked alongside Jim, intermittently, for 19 years. Together, we have grown Fluidity's roster of projects across four continents. I have always been tasked with business development. During my first two tenures, Fluidity secured commissions with prominent landscape architects nationwide as well as markets in Asia.  Now, Jim and I look to elevate the studio's profile through speaking engagements, championing waters' enduring contribution to urban realm and citymaking.