Rinzi Ruiz



RELM President Scott Baker believes in cities. To him, public life is paramount. That is why he recalibrated his firm, hiring energized senior leadership to join him in championing the role public realms play in cultivating community, rendering cities that are walkable, equitable, and beautiful.

My role


Scott wanted the studio's new identity to reflect a mission dedicated to re-envisioning the urban realm. Together, we conceived an entirely new brand—name, studio profile, logo, photography, and website that celebrates metropolitan communities. In just 4 years, RELM has dramatically altered its project roster to include marquee public and public-serving commissions.  These include two prestigious DGS commissions in Sacramento, 3 of Los Angeles County's largest P3 TOD projects, several LAUSD projects—bringing urban nature to park-poor neighborhoods—and recently, our first Federal project in Alabama. I now look to take them national.